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Adamson Interpretation Solitions completes acquistion of Piedmont Genital Partners

Adamson Interpretation Solutions, Inc. completed its acquistion of Piedmont Genital Partners LLC today. Terms of the deal are private, but compensation was split between cash and stock.

“We are excited to announce the completion of the PGP acquistion, and look forward to leveraging this company’s assets to return value to our shareholders. By synergizing our collective core competencies, we now have end-to-end genital identification solutions available for any kind of business or government entity.” quoted CEO Davis Adamson.

Gardner’s Barry Silverstein agreed: “PGP’s strong presence in the classically operated, “prick-and-mortar” genital interpretation space complements Adamson’s leadership in the e-genital identification space very nicely. Piedmont Genital will fit very nicely inside Adamson’s portfolio – and Adamson is now the clear leader in full suite genital identification solutions.”

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