The Original Automated Genital Scanner since 2012.

With over 4,600 genital scanners in operation throughout the southern United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Afghanistan, Geniscanner is the automated solution with:
  • ⇒ The most thorough testing
    ⇒ The highest throughput
    ⇒ The greatest privacy for your subjects (no disrobe required!)
    ⇒ The 2nd highest accuracy on the market (exceeded only by Geniscanner Topaz)
    ⇒ The lowest noise in its class
    ⇒ The longest warranty (5 years parts and labor)
    ⇒ Lifetime software updates, (including annual pubic hairstyle update CDs)
    ⇒ Peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve gone with the leader
To see how Geniscanner works, download the whitepaper or watch the demo.