Training / Certification

Adamson’s Training and Certification programs make it easy for your workplace to create a culture of genital compliance. The Adamson Institute was founded in 2009 to serve this purpose, and has steadily expanded its offering of classes annually. We currently offer the following programs:

GeniClear Certified Genitals

The trusted name in Genital Identification. Perfect for Schools, Churches, and Local Governments

Certifed Genital Interpreter

This nine month full-time program guarantees passing and acceptance into the CGI fellowship, or there is no charge for the classes. Also, we have a 100% job placement rate for graduates, as anyone who doesn’t find work elsewhere is employed by our Turnkey Solutions Program.

Licensed Genital Coach

Designed for mid-level executives, this program in corporate compliance prepares applicants for the Master’s in Genital Compliance Field Study component. This class is for those with interest in becoming a C-level compliance professional (Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Genital Officer) and requires a letter of recommendation from company management.

Advanced Seminars

The Adamson Institute runs a regular seminar schedule on advanced topics in Genital Interpretation. Some upcoming topics include:

  • The Micropenis
  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome
  • hermaphroditism
  • double penis/ double vagina