Geniscanner Topaz

The Best of Geniscanner just got better.  Available in Cosmic Grey and Midnight Slate.

The Geniscanner Topaz represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned in the first ten years of automated genital identification, and we think you’ll be as excited as we are to stake our claim at the climax of recognition technology.

First of all, it’s smaller.  Significantly smaller – The size and form factor of a handheld UPC scanner. It can be mounted to any vertical surface.

Second, it’s faster.  50% faster – so it can scan and identify more genitals per hour (GPH) than ever before.

Third, it’s even more inclusive.  The co-processing ARM chip allows the Topaz to carry both elderly and micropenis modules on-chip – no need for virtualization or troublesome emulation software!

Click here to see a comparison of GeniScanner and Geniscanner Topaz.

Click here to see a demo of GeniScanner in action.