Licensed Genital Coach

I didn’t expect to be a Vice President at age 35. But the need for coaching in the corporate genital interpretation setting is so strong right now that most of my fellow graduates are at the VP or CGO level already.

-Jason Gradcheck, Vice President of Compliance, Asheville Public Schools

The Licensed Genital Coach program trains mid-level managers in the corporate setting to take responsibility for gender identification issues in their workplace. Topics include:

  1. Putting together your company’s Proactive Gender Identification Action Plan
  2. Learning how to setting up emergency Genital Identification Stations in portable restrooms in case of natural disaster or power outage
  3. Dealing with Repeat Offenders – How to Implement Zero Tolerance
  4. Persons in Transition – How To Legally Avoid Promoting Any
  5. Why Proactive Genital Identification with the GeniClear ID program might be right for you.