Customer Success: Raleigh Oaks Town Center Plaza

Customer Success: Raleigh Oaks Town Center Plaza

Our Customer

Raleigh Oaks Town Center Plaza came to us with a problem we’ve seen all too many times before – the need to ensure genital compliance for its daily clientele of shoppers, while not becoming burdensome to employees and maintenance staff.

Our Solution

We worked with ROTCP to develop a hybrid solution – employees and maintenance staff were issued GeniClear Trusted Genital ID cards, which could be swiped on top of any Geniscanner Topaz unit in place of the genital scan to allow entry. Customers who did not already have their GeniClear card are scanned normally and offered the opportunity to join the program right then and there – they pick up their card as they leave the lavatory!

“We have now enjoyed seven consecutive months of issue-free compliance.  The police auto-dialer even managed to help us capture and arrest detain 37 genital imposters in that time!  We couldn’t be happier – Adamson really came through for us.”

-Helvetica Sinclair, Director of Genital Compliance, Raleigh Oaks Town Center Plaza